Can people talk me through results of using Spooky for parasites? We have fragilis and pretty sure pin worms and once saw rope worm when I did a Colonic. My Hair thinning, moods up and down and kids wax and wane.

1. Part of the reason meds are making you sick I presume, is that there are other pathogens living within the parasites, so when you kill them, the other pathogens are released to attack you.

The M&L Protocol was designed to kill multiple unknown pathogens in order from smallest to largest. It takes quite a while, however, I like that one can delete the Your Scan placeholder from each Killing Preset and use it for multiple family members at the same time. It is less specific for each, but is a good general tool.

2. This was me. tried a million things and was only temporary. I’m going on my 4 month of parasite kills. I run contact all day and remote as well. So far it is taking me about 7 days per parasite to clear. I have 9 more parasites to go. I have seen results, my hair has stopped falling out, I can eat food again and my arms are no longer falling asleep when I go to bed.

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    Peter Dugel

    I do not understand why you link to pages that keep spooy2 users out of there!!

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