There are different frequencies for the same subject. In Dr.Hulda Clark’s books, the frequency of Ascaris parasite is 408 Khz, in the CAFL database, it's range is between 152 and 797 Hz. Is it possible that the same subject can emit different frequencies?

No mistakes there. Dr. H. Clark obtained frequencies of various organisms and chemicals using her Syncrometer. A testing device she invented. Consider these frequencies as some sort of a resonant frequencies.

On the other hand, CAFL frequencies are, let's say so, another category. These are the type of frequencies which Dr. R. Rife found out as the ones that destroy microorganisms. Since these frequencies are quite high, and the first generations of Rife devices were limited in the range of frequencies they could generate, these frequencies were scaled down to the lower harmonics of the original frequencies, so that those could be run using those first Rife devices. Therefore you see very low numbers, sub-harmonics of higher frequencies. Of course, CAFL contains other frequencies as well, not only the "killing" frequencies.

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