I had a hard time figuring out how to run a program. I ran the eyes under a heal preset and I ran the athletes foot under a general killing preset. Should I have run athletes foot under a healing preset?

Screenshot showing Morgellons & Lyme location and Guide document.


We typically recommend to follow the Terrain Protocol (located in the Presets\Detox folder) first. A couple of reasons to do this. First, it gets the body used to the frequencies, and Second, it starts the detox and detox pathways stimulation, so the body cleans the junk out more efficiently so when we do killing later, we have less herx reactions.

To recover - I would start the Terrain Protocol or just start Phase 1 of the Morgellons and Lyme Protocol. Both are used for detox stimulation, etc. This causes some to herx as well, so just move at the pace you can handle. There is likely to be some discomfort as you heal, so we can't stop altogether, or we'll never make progress, we just have to stop when we can't function.

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