How long would you need to run the Spooky to kill some kind of parasite, will it take a month, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years. Just need an estimate.

1. If the MOR is hit, it is said to be pretty quick. I have 2 examples to give:

1) Insects. Can put an insect into the remote and in 1 week the colony is much less. In 2 weeks they appear gone. But we rife a 3rd week then we do not see any more. If we do, it is most likely a different colony whose DNA did not match.

2) I discovered I have multiple parasites in my pancreas from a health analysis that was done. I have had tingling sensations, spasms and pain in this area since July. I used remote mode and the pain and sensations decreased after a couple of days. If I stopped, it returned. Then I used plasma overnight. The pain, spasms and sensation would be gone the entire next day. But would return the 2nd day. This week I have used plasma for 3 nights in a row as well as run 2 remotes on killing and 3 remotes for detox and healing/balance/stimulating function of the pancreas - no pain, sensations or spasms. I did not run plasma last night nor will I run it tonight. Testing to see what I feel. But also, I am very tired the next day to the point of needing a nap and not thinking clearly which is indication of die-off. It is impressive that this machine is making a noticable difference so quickly. I will however rife for this for one month. Many parasites that are able to hide in its larvae will hatch in 21 days so rifing for a month will (I hope) kill the colony. I will be able to tell in about 3 weeks how effective it is when I run a health analysis on the pancreas again. But going by sensations, it is working quickly.

2. After running contact terrain for liver, I was wiped out. I took a break the next night so I could keep up with the kids. I take it as a good sign but it's rough when you have to function.

3. If you are speaking of Morgellons or Lyme Disease, it is so complex and the bugs are super bug that know how to play hide n seek. We have to aggressively target these bad bugs. The Morgellons Lyme Protocol on 4 generators takes 1.5 years to go through. Afterwards, there is maintenance that will need to be done to ensure nothing returns. People are stating how much better they are doing on this protocol which is exciting to hear.

4. Rule of rife is killing modality of smallest to largest if you have an idea or confirmed identification of parasite you are targeting but if you read morgellons and user guide parasites have their own parasites so you don't want to unleash the ones left over on you if you kill their host. Best thing is to do morgellons protocol and pretty much covers most of the ones I’ve heard of. I myself have gone through it 2 on remote and almost done with the 3 round for me and 7 other people overtime marked improvement.

5. Everyone explained very well... In my treatments 2 weeks was the longest one. You just need to get the right frequency set to hit it, will not take too long.

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