I scanned myself with my spooky pulse and the results were not accurate with my "big" disease: colon problems en then psoriasis. Is there any range for disease not due to parasites or viruses?

1. Almost all dis eases are from bugs, viruses (created), worms, bacteria, fungus. So i think you did a great job and it was very accurate. Well done.

2. "The human body, it may surprise you to learn, is made up of more than 50% bacterial cells. Most of these organisms are harmless, some are beneficial, and some cause disease. Spooky2 is not capable of telling the difference between them – it can only report how big a stress the destruction of each caused in your body. To put it another way, it lists the organisms that “screamed loudest.”

But there’s no guarantee that these are the nasty ones. In fact, serious pathogens are often able to hide from your immune system because they’ve developed stealth strategies. So while they may be hit and killed, their presence might not register over the “noise” of trillions of other bacteria, all of which are also being hit. Repeated scans are necessary to “clear the stage” of all the loud and melodramatic organisms first. When that’s done, Spooky2 can now “hear” the bad guys clearly. Biofeedback scanning is like peeling an onion, layer by layer." Quoted from Page 117 of Spooky2 User's Guide 20170204.

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