With the "insomnia" program I launched the "general parasite" program as it is advised in the notes. Should we not also launch a detox program like detox 4 toxins throughout the body to eliminate killed parasites?

1. From re-reading "The Cure for All Diseases" by Hulda Clark ,pages 75-79, If you kill the parasites; they all have bacteria. The bacteria eats the dead and looks for a new home in you. Second, if you have any heavy metals, that too supports both as well. It is quite the challenge. But, with Spooky 2 and persistence (it helps to know about the hierarchy about these bugs) we will get there. It is hard to get this all down pat in the mind.

2. If you want to get a reasonably good idea of pathogen killing order to get the smallest first, up to the largest, read through the order of the Morgellons and Lyme Protocol.

3. I believe we need, maybe a new preset, to 'Support with Detox', otherwise we will be adding detox of other things which will add stress to liver, kidneys etc - I had just added this to a healing shell preset: Liver Function Balance (XTRA), Liver 1 (PROV), Liver 2 (PROV), Kidney Function Balance (XTRA), Lymph Support (CAFL), Lymph Gland Stimulate (XTRA), Lymph Function Stimulate Normal (XTRA), Small Intestines (XTRA), Colitis 2 (XTRA), Colon Function Balance (XTRA).

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