After only few days on the detox phases of morgellons Lyme protocol, I feel very bad. Does it mean that I should add something to the plasma ( 6 hours per night) and remote (Full time)?

It may be too much of that or that you need a toxin binder, or a herx program. It may also be that you need to run the Liver Kidney Preset until some of the toxin levels reduce. Without knowing what you've done, it is hard to be accurate about what to do to solve issues.

If you need to pause due to feeling too bad, do it. There is also individuality involved, so what worked for someone else may need to be modified to work best for you. 
This is not license to make wholesale changes to the protocol, as there are reasons it was designed the way it is.

I know David Bourke recommended someone else, who was having significant issues, to just run the Liver and Kidney detox until they felt better. That may have been using the Cancer Protocol, but if your body needs some additional stimulation to function well, then taking some extra time is worthwhile.

May also be worthwhile to take some additional toxin binders or water to keep things moving.

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