Share my understanding of the Terrain protocol mobilizes mercury.

I am concerned that people may not know that they need to prepare for that before running the Terrain. It is not just a matter of experiencing a Herx and stopping because once mercury is in the bloodstream it can go right to the brain and nervous system. That needs to be avoided and it is recommended that the phase of mobilization occurs after 1-4 months average of previous detox phases. You need to make sure you are producing enough Glutathione and that your liver is functioning optimally. Taking a liver binder like IMD would be good to ensure that once the mercury is dumped into the blood, the liver can get rid of it instead of reabsorption. Doing some kind of herbal liver detox first is recommended. Ascorbate Acid is also recommended as a natural chelator once the mercury is in the blood. If you have any inflammatory illness, your Glutathione is already compromised and it is necessary to detox mercury. A bowel transit time of 12-18 hours is also necessary to get the mercury out of the body, so if you're not pooping 2x a day, you are reabsorbing the mercury.

Detoxing heavy metals is serious business and if you are already ill, it is very important to leave the mercury in the tissue until your detox pathway is ready for it.

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