What is a remote resonance treatment really like?

When you start the machine and thereby start the remote resonance treatment, you should just act and do whatever you are supposed to do. Go to work, take on vacation etc. the only things expected from you during remote treatment is, that you drink a bit more water and that you listen a bit more to your body.

It’s somewhat different, how you feel during the treatment. Most people won’t feel anything the first day. Then suddenly they find out, that they are missing one or more of their “normal” symptoms. And they also find out, that they can do things, they haven’t been able to, for a long time. Of course that also means, that they have regained quite a bit of their quality of life.

A few people can have a bumpy ride, for the first 2 or 3 days. A really bumpy ride indeed, where they get worse and have pain all over. Then suddenly they arrive at the other end of their bumpy ride. And this small group of people almost always feel, that they have regained all of their lost quality of life!

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