Lights not blinking in Remote 2.0, is there something wrong?

There are a few things to check/consider to determine if there is an issue or if the behavior is expected.

1. The LEDs being recessed in the new v2.0 Remote means they will not look as bright under the same conditions that the LEDs did on the older v1.1 Remote. Best viewing angle is directly from atop the Remote, and ensure that it is not flooded by any bright lights.

2. The LEDs will only appear to blink if the frequency is low enough that you can register the effect. Otherwise, they will look solidly lit. If the frequency is too high, the LEDs may actually look dimmer or off as they never get a chance to fully illuminate.

3. Finally, the amount of voltage/amplitude being used to drive the remote will affect how bright they register.

If none of these apply, and if you have a new Boost with LEDs also in use, you can check to see if the LEDs on the new boost match the behavior of the Remote. If not, then there is an issue.

If you do not have a new boost with LEDs to use as a barometer against the Remote, then try wiring the remote directly to the generator using the 1.5-foot cable that came with the remote. If it lights, then you may have an issue with the Boost in use, the settings being used, etc.

This final checkpoint will require more details from you in order to further troubleshoot.

The LEDs blink in accordance with the frequency in use. You can read this blog that explains how LEDs works:

For more details, please check the link:

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