Can anyone tell me your die off symptoms from candida? I overdid it and it really bad shape.

1. If you know that you overdid a specific programs and this caused your discomfort, the important thing is to keep your detox program running, and maybe add a Herx reaction and or pain program to another generator or two.

2. Drink lots of water; and lots of deep cleansing breaths, to get more oxygen to your inner environment; try to remain calm - even if you feel scary. I've had this happen before too.

3. Google the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal - any symptom you're having while killing candida that matches, is likely...alcohol withdrawal. Why? Because candida (yeast) plus moisture/warmth and sugar/carbs = fermentation = alcohol (and gas). Those with ultra intense candida infections have been known to test 'drunk' after high sugar meals (because their blood alcohol level is so high from the fermentation process). Of course, a part of the symptoms are from the carcasses rotting...but it's nothing like the symptoms of lessening a blood alcohol level that's been abnormally high for years (and years).

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