Is it okay to use Cold Laser for a "fresh" scar(knife cut)?

1. Try it... Since it is for healing, it won't hurt. Let us know whether you see rapid improvement..

2. I have the spooky cold laser for wrist. I also own another Cold Laser called Photonic Torch for horses. My daughter on Friday got pushed at school and basically landed on her face, cuts to her nose and split fat lip. I took her home and immediately took the torch to it. Within an hour rapid healing occurred. The fat lip went down and the nose started to heal and fresh pink skin started to form. I also used spooky remote and did the sets for wound healing, skin/scar regeneration, accelerated healing. Its now Sunday and the swollen face came down totally and the abrasions are basically healing very nicely. So to answer your question, yes use the cold laser on wounds. heals it rapidly.

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