Is it ok to do ozone therapy in same room as my Spooky2 rigs?

1. Can you use the ozone therapy around other electronics, such as television, computer, stereo? If so, I don't know of any reason it can't be used in the same room with Spooky gear. I have heard that ozone degrades plastic when used in concentrations adequate to kill pathogens, so would be hesitant to use it at all, but we each have to make the choices for ourselves.

2. All electronic equipment create ozone. Ozone is O3 we breathe 02. Its the extra oxygen molecule that breaks off and reacts with with anaerobic organisms. We are aerobic its good for us. Some people it irritates their lungs. I’m used to it. I used to heliarc weld which makes vast amounts of ozone. Don’t listen to FDA or news they like to scare people away from ozone because its cheap and safe. DENTISTS INJECT IT INTO INFECTED TEETH JAW BONES.

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