Cold and Flu (information gathered from various sources).

It’s cold and flu season and when you’re sick sometimes you just can’t think straight. So I thought it might be helpful to gather up all the information that I’ve acquired on how to combat Cold and Flu with Spooky and give you some ideas of what you can look for to run.

Attack the pathogens
Ease the symptoms
Build the immune system
Run a sweep

1) ATTACK THE PATHOGENS - Use Killing (Remote) - JW or JK
Cold and Flu (PROV)
Cold and Flu (XTRA)
Cold and Flu Basic (XTRA)
Cold Common (XTRA)
Cold 1 (CAFL)
Cold 2 (CAFL)
Cold 3 …. Etc.
Sinus Bacteria (PROV)
Lung Sinus Bacteria (BIO)
Lung Sinus Bacteria (CAFL)
Mucor Racemosus Sinus (BIO)
Mycoplasma General (CAFL)
Osteosinusitis Max (CAFL)
Mycoplasma Fermentans Incognitus (PROV)
Streptococcus Pneumoniae (CAFL)

2) EASE THE SYMPTOMS - Use Killing (Remote) - JW or JK
Search for your symptoms in programs, here are some ideas
Decongest (XTRA)
Sinusitis (CAFL) …. Stuffy nose
Rhinitis (CAFL) …. Runny nose
Sinusitis Frontalis (BIO)
Sore Throat (CAFL)
Bronchitis (CAFL)
Cold Coughing (CAFL)
Cough Lingering (XTRA)
Sinus Congestion (XTRA)
Sinusitis Maxillaris (BIO) … formerly known as Headache Rapid Relief

3) BUILD THE IMMUNE SYSTEM - Use Healing (Remote) - JW
Immune System Stimulation 3 (PROV)
Interleukin (PROV)
Lymphocytes Stimulate (XTRA)
Leukocytogenesis Stimulate (XTRA)
Anemia Iron-Deficiency (KHZ)
White Blood Cell Stimulation (CAFL)
These Essential oils can give Immune Support - Use Essential Oil (Remote) - JK
Essential Oil - Citrus Fresh (CUST)
Essential Oil - Ravensara (CUST)
Essential Oil - Thieves (CUST)

1. Broad Spectrum Antibiotic - JW
This can be found for PLASMA, CONTACT and REMOTE
Look in Presets under Miscellaneous
Pick which mode you want to run the sweep
- Contact
- Plasma
- Remote
Select BROAD SPECTRUM ANTIBIOTIC - JW (first one from the top)

2. Spooky Converge Sweep (remote) - DB
This can be found for REMOTE mode only
Look in Presets under Frequency Sweeps
Pick REMOTE mode
Select SPOOKY CONVERGE SWEEP (R) - DB (second one from the bottom)

(PLEASE NOTE: When running this sweep, it will attack all pathogenic organisms, not just the ones for cold and flu so if you are highly toxic, it could cause herx which might make you feel worse. Use with caution. But someone did note that it gave pathogens a hard time in regards to cold and flu so I’ve included the information.)

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    Christopher J

    Or you can simply take colloidal silver every day which works no need for all this flu programs a waste of time.... I've not been sick with flu or cold in 7 years now because I drink a half a liter of colloidal silver during the course of every day that i make [not the CS spooky gear ATTEMPTS to make and fails miserably with the end product which is weak as crap compared to correctly made CS in a few hours not days] which also does amazing things for your body right across the board...flu or colds occurring are impossible with CS in your system. 

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