Frequencies for Elements and Brainwaves.

I've known for a long time that the chemical composition of your body affects your thinking.

Mercury - over-logical, analytical thinking.
Arsenic - Psychopathic and vindictive thoughts.
Lead - Leaden, tired, dead thoughts.

Silver - Peaceful, pacifying thoughts.
Gold - Problem-solving, super-aware thoughts.

Magnesium - Calming, energy-building thoughts.

If you meditate on each Element you can get an intuitive sense of what these are - everyone has this sense - trust it.

I reasoned that the Molecular Weight frequency for each element could be a harmonic of the brainwaves relating to this type of thinking, and my initial experiments have shown this to be more or less true.

So here I've grabbed the molecular weights for the elements off wikipedia, for each Isotope, calculated the resonant frequency (the one with Tissue Factor applied) and then divided it by 2 until it fitted within:

15Hz & 30Hz for Beta Brainwave Frequencies
7.5Hz & 15Hz for Alpha Brainwave Frequencies
3.75Hz & 7.5Hz for Theta Brainwave Frequencies
.9Hz & 3.75Hz for Delta Brainwave Frequencies (two harmonics appear)

I also added
216Hz & 864Hz for Chakra Frequencies (two appear here also)

(These frequency bands are slightly adjusted to slot nicely into roughly the right spectrums for the different Brainwaves with each being half the frequency of the previous.)

I've been using this for clearing the psychological issues associated with physical illnesses. It may be that these psychological issues cause the physical illness, it may be that the physical illness causes the psychological issue. Either way, the brainwaves of the thoughts associated with the illness seem to be resonant with the frequencies of the atomic elements that that psychology is associated with.

I look at each element as a CPU for consciousness - but instead of being 32-bit or 64-bit, it has a certain number of Protons and Neutrons, and that affects the level of consciousness and vibration of thought available within that element.

In the attached CSV file you will find programs for all the elements, with one frequency per isotope, which I think is important.

If you have had a particular relationship with a particular element - e.g. Mercury fillings, Zinc deficiency, maybe your thought patterns will noticeably change from running the program.


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