I’ve panniculitis (inflammation of the fatty and connective tissue). There can be several causes: autoimmune, various types of infections, and pancreatic cancer. I hope I could clear it up before I have to have a biopsy in 9 days.

1. There is a Program for Panniculitis. Since it is from the KHz database, I would choose the HC or KHZ (C or R) - JK Preset from the Shell Presets and use the corresponding mode - Contact or Remote, to run this program.

Hopefully, this will clear the problem for you.

You should be able to run this on a second generator while the Terrain is still running as long as you don't herx too much.

2. Be sure to stop rifing by remote a day or 2 before the biopsy. You do not want to kill or have altered the biopsy until after the doctor has received the report as to what you are dealing with.

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