Since 2 weeks now I get heavily muscle cramps which effect both legs and it's nearly effecting the whole leg. I’m at step 17 in the M&L protocol. First I take magnesium, but it didn’t work. Is this frequency related?

1. I had the same symptoms at steps 17, 18 and 19. I presumed it was because biofilms were being eradicated and causing Lyme symptoms. I was also exhausted. But I was thinking of doing that week over again because it was obviously doing something. This was not a new symptom for me though. When I get into a not so great place with the Lyme walking, bending, putting on my socks, is very difficult. My leg muscles get hard and stiff.

2. Before M&L 3.0, I used to get this a lot in both legs. At that time, I found that remote programs for blood flukes stopped cramps for about two weeks. It took about six months before they were completely gone, and I had to vary the programs every few weeks. If I ever had to do it again (I won't), I'd do daily morning and early evening sessions using TENS pads or the wearable electrodes that come in the Spooky Contact Kit. Or a Spooky Straight plasma tube between my legs every day.

There's a bizarre story behind this. I'd already tried all the cramp programs, which didn't work. One night, it woke me up, as usual. But this time I was shouting - this never happened before, or since. The words I shouted were "Blood flukes!" I limped to the PC and put a program on. Cramp and pain instantly gone. Your body can talk to you in the strangest of ways.

3. Could be potassium.

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