Preset for 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D to switch on the immune system.

In many ailments, the pathogens are wise enough to switch OFF the immune system. It happens that the immune system has a general switch which is the Vitamin D Receptor (VDR). 
More on this here:

In brief, there are two kinds of vitamin D, the 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25-D) is the OFF switch and the 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D (1,25-D) is the ON switch.

Molecular masses are 400.637 gram/mole for the 25-D and 416.637 gram/mole for the 1,25-D.

Dr Trevor Marshall has developed a protocol using a pharmaceutical molecule (Olmesartan medoxomil) to switch ON the immune system. One has to swallow it every 4 hours, not very convenient.

With Spooky2 MW frequencies, we can simulate the presence of the 1,25-D in the body and thus activate the immune system. With radionics, this is active even far away from the Spooky2 generator, how convenient!

The program line is here :
"1,25 vitamin D = immune system ON switch",CUST,,"","M416.637",,,180

And the preset is provided here:
2017112 VDR immune system activation.txt

How is the preset tuned?
As the aim of it all is to stimulate and not to kill, a sine wave is used. At first I thought that the most precise molecular mass would be the best. After several tests, it appeared that it is better to sweep ±0.04 % around the central value. I didn’t try further, I let you do it. Care should be taken to remain away from the OFF switch frequency.

In order to reduce the sweep duration, I use X=512 that provides a comb of ±512=1024 frequencies limited within a ±0.04 % frame with the help of Spectrum%=0.04 %.

In order to make use of the 5 digits of the XM below 600 Hz, the frequency is caped at 512*600=307200 Hz.

With the above parameters and the M416.637 program line, the frequency read on the XM face screen is 374.40873 Hz while the frequency in use is 512*374.4073=191696.5376 Hz with 512 frequencies spectrum on each side.

As there are 512 frequencies within a 0.04 % spectrum, the gap between 2 frequencies is 0.04 % / 512=7.81E-05 %

The smallest gap that can be swept below 600 Hz by the XM is 0.00001 Hz, which corresponds to 0.00001Hz/374 Hz*100 = 2.67E-06 % for the frequency displayed on the XM.

The ratio between both % values is 7.81E-05 % / 2.67E-06 % = 29.21
This means that within the gap between two frequencies of the comb, the XM allows to sweep 29.21 steps we shall round to 30 steps.

Gating is set to 0.75 Hz, but with remote transmission, no gating is needed. The refresh rate is twice the gating 2*0.75=1.50 Hz. 

Dwelling duration being 180 sec, the step number during 180 sec is 180 sec * 1.5 Hz = 270 steps. So there will be 270 steps/30 steps = 9 cycles during 180 sec.

Amplitude wobble is 50% in 16 steps. With the frequency wobble at 30 steps, it will offset 2 steps every 30 steps, so that every frequency will be swept with every amplitude.

OUT2 = 0.618 * OUT1, 0.618 is the golden ratio. It provides an extra golden harmonic to the preset.
This is for the main tuning. 

Further refinements are the following, they can be adapted to your requirements.
Amplitude is set to 2 Volts with two 1000x attenuators, effective amplitude is 2 microVolts (µV)
Harmonic type is Golden ratio (works better then octave)

For more details, please check the link:


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    Peter Bosch-Jansen

    Dear Penny,
    Will this become a preset in a next Update?
    Although i'm a scientist (well went to University) it's all a bit to complicated.Too technical. I don't know exactly what to do, also because i'm new to all this technique. And i'm mostly interested in the healing aspects.
    I've read the referred article and it would be a great asset in order to heal many chronic diseases who corrupt the body's immune response.

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