I started the Lyme protocol. If heavy metal detox program by contact is too much to tolerate, can I just go in remote mode for this program and then switch back to contact from program 2?

1. One of the biggest issues with detox is getting the toxins out of the body. Much of the time they end of circulating and putting even more strain on the organs. Taking Chlorella and/or Spirulina (clean source) can help with this issue.

2.Combining chlorella with fresh coriander e.g. make a smoothie with them and I would also add some bentanite clay and that helps to pick up, bind and remove the heavy metals. This is something I read.

3. May need to do small doses of whatever binder.
I used Modified Citrus Pectin, as it is one of the few things I haven't herxed when using... It just seemed to suck up the junk and carry it out, without a bunch of drama...

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