I don't have a Spooky boost. Which way do I connect the cables to output 1 & 2 for a biofeedback scan?

There's no such thing as a Spooky2 Boost - there is a Spooky Boost Cable, a Spooky Boost 2.0, and a Spooky Boost 3.0. Of these, only the Spooky Boost Cable requires the user to pay attention to colour matching. I assume you're not using any kind of Boost, so this doesn't apply to you.

Depending on whether you plan on using hand electrodes, TENS pads, or flexible electrodes, you connect these directly to the generator using either a Spooky TENS Cable or a Spooky Extended Cable. Both of these are single BNC cables that divide into two wires, one red and one black (not blue). The TENS cable has straight pins on the red and black wires, and the Extended cable has alligator clips.

Since both of these are single cables on their connection ends, you connect either one to Out 1 of the generator in the absence of a Boost, then connect your electrodes to the pins (TENS pads, carbonised rubber electrodes, sandals, flexible electrodes) or alligator clips (steel hand electrodes).

For Contact Mode, including biofeedback scanning, the red and black colours of the wires are irrelevant.

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