Has anyone had success running specific treatments for Parasites flukes sheep liver?

1. Probably you haven't found the bacteria supporting this parasite. You can run the program for this parasite along with Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Clostridium tetanus, Mycobacterium leprae, Pseudomona aureoginosa, and see if you have any good effect. Sometimes there's others specific association between microorganisms, but this is not the case to mention them. I learned this during the Biomagnetism course and the association are listed in ours books which are all in Spanish. Hope this helps.

2. Sheep liver flukes are trematodes or flukes. Various sets of fasciola hepatica, fasciolopsis, fasciolasis, parasites fasciola hepatica rediae, clonorchis sinensis, and liver flukes. Adult, larva, and egg stages. If that does not work try flukes - parasites general flukes, parasites flukes general, or parasites general comprehensive. Pathogens are complicated. It may take some time to get results. Best wishes to you and your family. Also take care of your liver while running these programs. Various programs can be used to heal the liver. Liver, liver 1, hepatitis for inflammation, and more.

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