My ear is swollen, pulsating and the pain is debilitating.

1. Have you tried applying a few drops of virgin coconut oil? Then put some cotton to prevent the oil from oozing. VCO remains liquid at 76 degrees.

2. I have had great and continuous success with the presets I attach. I've used mainly contact mode, with a handheld electrode in each hand, placing one of the hands against the infected ear, without touching the ear with the electrode. Adjust the amplitude so it is comfortable.
I have not tested the plasma preset, as I don't have a SC.
Ear infections are caused mainly by Strep Pneumoniae, so this preset focuses on that pathogen.
As the fluid pressure buildup could cause the eardrum rupture, better if an MD diagnoses the issue.

Copy the presets to your /Spooky2/Collection Presets/User folder, and the waveforms to your /Spooky2/Waveforms folder.


3. You may wish to consider the difference between ottitis externa and ottitis media.
The pathogens are not quite the same in both cases.

May also be worth it to try some colloidal silver gel or fluid in the ear canal.
I have had fantastic and almost immediate success with otitis media in adults and children with an ampoule of Traumeel the injectable - product of the German company Heel.Homeopathic anti inflammatory.

Warm the ampule in tepid water, take 1 or 2cc syrynge - draw up the fluid and obviously remove the needle - then gently introduce the fluid into the external auditory canal.

4. Oil of Oregano in a Carrier oil can be tried
It works for MANY things., at least for me.
Gargling with salt solution, gargle with that oil of oregano in water too.
If you have been outside during chemical spraying, try chemtrail detox
Cass Ingram has a book about healing Lyme with Oregano oil as a major ingredient in his protocol

If you drink Milk or eat other milk products STOP for a period until the issue is resolved.

5. I don't see a mention of the most common and painful ear infection Staph Aureus. 880 Hz using coil or tube toasts it but don't do it all in one go because the pain will get real bad as the killed off bugs increase the pressure inside the cyst until it bursts and dissolves.

6. I ran Manuel’s set and overnight on plasma and woke up with no pain!! During the day it was on and off as there is still liquid in the side of the face that needs to drain. I had it checked out by a doctor who has seen the light and whom I trust. He said it's classic otitis externa / swimmers ear. Water got stuck, skin got wet and squishy like when you soak too long in a tub and the bacteria had a party in there.

His recommendation: As a home remedy, use 50% vinegar and 50% alcohol (isopropyl, vodka, etc ..)

You can use isopropyl to suck the moisture out of the ear, since it is dehydrated. The vinegar will create and acidic environment the bacteria don't like.

He said NOT to use H202 since it bubbles up protein and then the bacteria are like, yum, even more food.

He gave me some acidic ear drops and said do those for a week, then put olive oil in your ears which will soften the ear wax, and 3 days later we squirt out the ear wax. He has a professional "squirt gun" but if you have an oral irrigator that you can dial in way low you can use that or just use the shower or a squirty bulb to suck up water and flush your ear out. I recommend having it done by a pro if you have one available. In the past I noticed after using olive oil and taking a warm shower that the ear wax would come out by itself.

Now I just have to figure out why my body is producing ear wax, in response to what ...

My dentist said some people are still born with gills behind the ears and that the ear system is like a big sponge, which I can confirm after having it full of liquid and throbbing all weekend long. He says we have to daily irrigate the nose and flush the ears and keep the sinus / ear system cleaned from particulates, then teeth recover better. He has a patient working in a saw mill who has a loose tooth. When he regularly rinses his nose and ears, the tooth becomes strong. If the body can't drain the liquid through the sinus and throat system it will try to push it through the dentin in the tooth (if you have a filling or crown this gets tough) or through the skin (acne).

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