I have a 38 year old Spectacled Amazon with a fused joint and arthritis and cannot perch. Many times he is in pain. He was very subdued after treatment and for next two days he was in a lot of pain and squawked when he rested on his foot. Any suggestions?

1. If the joint has fused I don't think that you can reverse that. For arthritis try Joint Inflammation CAFL & XTRA, Arthritis General CAFL, and Streptococcus variants.

When using White Remote you will probably need to run these programs for several weeks using default settings with Square wave.

2. I would suggest doing searches on the forum for 'arthritis', and 'pigeon' as Johann started remote treatments with his birds. It wasn't overally successful- but he did say that he only used 20% of the amplitude that he would for a human. If you are using a boost device I would set the amplitude to 0.5V or if you are plugging your remote directly into the generator 1V - keep the amplitude a lot lower (you can probably go as low as 0.1V); and you may need to run for 2hrs minimum repeating the set. Observe any reactions and stop if it seems to be unpleasant. (As the voltage is low, the program would be wrong in that case)

Here is one link: https://www.spooky2.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=9595#p9595

For more details, please check the link:

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