Any suggestions at all to help me develop a strategy for mold, lyme, babesia, depression on a child using rife, MMS, nutrition, detox, herbs?

1. My favorite frequencies to run are
* "detox liver kidneys lymph intestines"
* "liver support"
* (look through the list of planets, to find an appropriate one for your specific need)
This is just a basic suggestion - Spooky has So Much To Offer re: choices!

2. I have managed most of my Motherhood life(about 16 yrs. now) with diet and naturopathic methods until I found Spooky2 so I get the diet has a factor in our own treatment. I have followed the diet based on the book called Eating Alive. I have in the past lost 30 lbs. in 3 months on that diet. I have decided to go back to making some of the recipes in this book. Doing Rife and doing the diet I think would compliment well for detoxing and opening pathways to detox.

3. I am pretty sure psoriasis is a skin condition although very slow pathway for detoxing, I got rid of it twice initially, plus a flare up of psoriasis after 30 days, using this regimen and it has not returned in 2 yrs. I understood from researchand my doctor specializing in Chinese medicine, that no detox can take place unless there is ingested complete nutrition, and that storage of toxins is in fat cells. I took mediclear or medifast protein powder, satisfying complete nutrition, and drank as much of a gallon of distilled water as possible during sauna sessions causing profuse above normal sweating sessions, a detox pathway bypassing organs, bladder and urine. Get rid of toxins fast, and get rid of the resulting uneeded fat for it's storage.

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