Does someone know about histamine cephalgia headaches?

1. First its good to know what the other names are for histamine cephalgia, and then may find more frequencies for this condition in the Spooky2 software.

Then rife them with white top remote and healing (x) xx preset.

I myself would rife are "migraine, neuralgia, pain, headache, magnesium" (Some think migraines can manifest from magnesium deficiency)

Info: Medical Definition of Cephalgia, histamine:

A distinctive syndrome of headaches, also known as cluster headache or migrainous neuralgia. The common pattern of cluster headache is termed "episodic" and is characterized by 1-3 short attacks of pain each day around the eyes, clustered over a stretch of 1-2 months, followed by a pain- free breathing period (average: a year). The other main pattern of cluster headache is termed "chronic" (and is also known as chronic migrainous neuralgia).

It may come out of the blue or emerge several years after an episodic pattern. It is characterized by the absence of sustained periods of remission. The episodic and acute forms of cluster headache may transform into the other, so it seems that they are merely different-appearing patterns of one and the same disease.

On the other hand, cluster headache looks different and distinct from migraine-for example, propranolol is effective for migraine but not cluster headache while lithium benefits cluster headache syndrome but not migraine-although the mechanisms underlying cluster headache and migraine may have a degree of commonality. Cluster headache has gone by a bevy of other names including Raeder's syndrome, sphenopalatine neuralgia, ciliary neuralgia, erythroprosopalgia and vidian neuralgia.

2. Don't get too worked up in differences between, for example, migraine & cluster headaches.
These are only symptomatic illnesses.
The causes are other (such as, possibly histamine as you mentioned) - these terms refer to the symptoms only, what you feel.

Drs do try to distinguish differences in how people suffer.
It can sometimes mean some patients are suffering with a different causr than patients with differing type of pain expression.
But it may not also.

I've had chronic migraine for around 15 years, and there is so little known about it, or cluster headache etc etc etc and many times a difference is made in words, but there may be no difference.

So, I would suggest trying all kinds of terms for rife, until you believe one or more are not the right way. Which, of course, may not be correct - using rife is part feeling, always part making guesses.

But just to say it's worth keeping an open mind on what to tey when drs themselves don't know about these conditions. Neurology generally - drs don't know much.

Lithium ororate helps my migraine. I'm not diagnosed with cluster headaches.
I was on daily propanolol for yearwps, until it made me sick taking it, and I wouldn't take it now for migraine.

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