If someone has been on drugs for seretonin replacement and the drugs cause bad side effects. Is it actually possible to detox the drug and train the body to produce the serotonin again using frequencies so as to not have to rely on medication?

There is a set in database to detox SSRI drugs , and also sets to raise up serotonin. If both of them really works I'm not sure, but I believe they do. Due to my depression, I'm using natural compounds to deal with serotonine/dopamine problems.

NAC: N-acetylcysteine 600mg twice a day with Ascorbic Acid
Whole Tumeric extract : 500mg twice a day with Black Pepper for better absorption
Omega 3 : EPA 200mg + DHA 1000mg once a day
Coconut oil: 2 tablespoons peer day after meal with the omega 3 capsules.

The purpose is to reduce nerve/brain inflammation, regenerate nerve/brain cells, raise naturally neurotransmitters and reduces oxidative stress which all 4 of these does very very well...and NAC and Tumeric helps to detox some stuff, and all the 4 helps to protect your brain and body.

I tried to deal with my depression with frequencies, but without much success...indeed frequencies can stimulate and heal anything, but u need to know the right frequencies to target the root of all the problem, experimenting a lot...also can be bugs, like EBV or Candida, which Spooky2 can rightly kill and deal.

This 4 naturals compounds targets a lot of stuff at same time, and for the first time I’m doing a good progress.

I know you did not ask about these, but that’s my experience.

Everything is frequency, u can do infinite stuff with them, but u need to know the right sets. I was tired of trying stuff and decided to go to something very certain.

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