I run frequencies of joy, connection and relationship, love. How long do you usually see results after you run spooky2? Should I run it daily? How often should I run and how long should I run each time?

1. Most of this has to be determined on an individual basis.

Generally, I run the healing programs some longer than I think I need them (making sure I document the time), then wait until the good has worn off (timing it), and I can sense that I need it again, then run it again until I feel better. I keep documenting so I can tell if reinforcement is helping or if it is a constant need

2. From my perspective healing frequencies for mood, mind, emotions like you mention should be used in the same logic as Bach Flower's essences, essential oils (for emotional/energetical/spiritual means), crystals,etc. You use them for a period, which can be slightly relative, but no less than 3 days for acute problems, and longer like a 1 or 2 weeks at least seems cool enough to clear things out. One way of thinking is that today you feel tired, and just today you want some energy, or that today you are feeling confuse but that's not usual, so let's say, 9 hours or 20h of Schumann resonance, mind clarity programs,etc(few frequencies, faster result because of faster loop repetition, more frequencies to loop, longer time to see results). The other way is chronic anxiety, depression would need weeks to improve for real. So it's like that, unusual things that are temporary need much less, one day of set's or less, long lasting problems I would try 1-4 weeks for frequencies to clear out things and real settle thing outs, as they will demand time. If you find frequencies like the ones for planets, chakras, solfeggios, mystical ones,etc. They will support and push the person to go beyond their limitation (depression,anxiety, anger) till ones get conscious of their mind/emotional pattern and clear that form belief system along with the energetic and vital part of it being cleared which is necessary and don't demands the person to do anything. It's always a complete and multiple system approach.

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