Has anyone ever made a homeopathic remedy using spooky2?

1. You can use a Radionic remedy simulator (the magnets device that was mentioned?) to copy a remedy onto a carrier substance, also change its potency, you can make a remedy using a Malcolm Rae card (the card hold the patern of the remedy), or you can use a Radionic rate to make a remedy (using pretty much any radionic device).

I've used spooky2 to make remedies from specific things like the solfeggio frequencies.

I've not had the need to investigate making a single homoeopathis remedy using spooky2. So not sure on that one.

2. One can imprint water with Spooky2 frequencies using the pemf coil.

3. In the same way one can manifest thought will and faith with radionics I simple learned to write down in paper the name and potency and it works , I really do fell the energy and effects, people from radionics do that, it must be natural, no mental blockages or doubts, like child play. Very simple , easy and practical. I take the small paper with the writing in my pockets for the amount of time and homeopathy should work.

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