What is the benefit of having Advanced kit over the Essentials kit?

1. It allows you to run 4 Programs rather than 2, no matter who it is for...

Yes, 4 Programs instead of two makes the Morgellons & Lyme Protocol move three times as fast when doing it via Remote Method B. Remote Method A should be more effective with 4 generators, rather than 2.

2. The main difference is 4 generators vs. 2.

You could certainly use them to work on more people, but most will use them to work on issues that benefit from having 1 generator doing support/detox, and 3 working in parallel in a killing modality.

Protocols that make use of 4, when ran on 2, will take 3 times as long to perform.

One important distinction to keep in mind is that one generator can only do so much work at once to retain efficacy rates.

You couldn't just load the workload of 3 generators in parallel into one generator and call it a day.

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