Functional medicine research has found a link between h Pylori infection and Atrial Fibrillation. Does anyone have any thoughts about how frequencies can be delivered to the heart in a way which won't exacerbate Afib?

1. I'm not sure how killing off the h pylori would harm the heart. I'm not sure the h pylori even gets to the heart. I think it produces something that affects the heart.

On a related note, I read awhile back that treating h pylori with antibiotics in non-symptomatic people for prophylactic reasons increased the likelihood of esophageal cancer. I don't know if treating h pylori with Spooky2 would have the same effect.

2. If only things were so simple that one symptom could be attributed to one bug or cause. In my case I had H Pylori that gave me several ulcers but that was just the tip of the iceberg. Along with H Pylori I had Borrelia, Bartonella, Actinomyces, internal Strep, Staph and HPV with the Rife BY infections as well as two physical problems and that is just what I know about for sure.

Actinomyces is an insidious bug that is known to affect the heart and Bartonella affects nerves but the other bugs I mentioned also play their part it is just impossible to attribute one symptom to one bug. It is probably only when we get lots of different bugs that add to weaken our system that we then start to see symptoms. Using 676 Hz to Kill H Pylori had no bad result for me just no more ulcers and acid blockers required. A definite calming effect from killing my bugs has resulted in a less aggravated heart condition where I used to have pains around the heart particularly with stressful situations or shocks that would take hours to settle. Now if something makes me jump my heart barely misses a beat and there is no pain. I also think the clearer brain has a lot to do with it because the brain can quickly decide a shock was nothing and prevent the release of adrenaline unnecessarily so removing stress on the heart. It is all very complex that is one thing I have learned and the only good bug is a dead one.

3. I would use Remote or plasma for treating the heart.
Strep infections are a more likely cause for heart issues besides athersclerosis.

Spooky programs to consider:
Artery plaque (XTRA)
Atherosclorosis (XTRA)
Vitamin B6 (MW)
Candida Lusitania (XTRA)
Including Lymph stimulation may also be beneficial

Lymph Plaque (CAFL)
Lymph Stasis (XTRA & CAFL)
Lymph Support
Lymph System Circulation S (XTRA)
Wolf-Parkinson-White Syndrome (KHZ) - Heart Palpitations
Search programs for Tachycardia, bradycardia, Atrial Fibrillation, & Heart

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