Any suggestion for Mast cell activation and Histamine intolerance?

1. Histamine production / response is typically partially due to allergy or sensitivity response, or just a toxicity overload. There are a number of programs for detox and allergy. There are also a number of body system balance and normalize programs that help the body get back to normal function that may help.

Search for "balanc" or "normali" and you will find them. Read the notes to see what applies to you. Maybe use the Grade Programs mode of the biofeedback scan to find the frequencies most helpful for your situation. It is your responsibility to take care of yourself.

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2. Nettles (must be freeze dried)

Quercetin - should be bound to phospholipids as this will cross into the nerve cells. only product I know that has this is
Nettles proved scientifically the inhibition of mast cell.

3. Have you been to see your GP?

I'm a bit fussy about some of their treatments but they do have access to diagnostic methods that can be very helpful. It could be you have picked up something serious and your body is trying to alert you.
If you get a good diagnose then at least you will have a target to aim at.

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