Has anyone tried using a sample of a tumour (eg from a biopsy) and using a spectrum sweep. Would it work in killing the tumour? Or would it harm the host as well?

1. It should not hurt the patient. Best to use a lower harmonic of Rife's 12,833,000 such as 1,604,125 without the commas to kill the BX organism. That is working very well.

2. You could give it a try, but realize that the sweep takes 4 hours to cover 1 Hz to 3.2 MHz. Every frequency is only hit once every 4 hours, and is covered for 3 minutes.

A targeted approach would probably have better efficacy rates as you could concentrate on the right frequency longer and more often. As Richard has suggested, the MOR for BX is a good one to use.

I've ran the spectrum sweeps, as have a few others, for a long periods of time without any issues on myself or my family.

However, we were not fighting anything serious that would cause a potential detox overload at the time.

The one area of concern often talked about, is to maintain a healthy probiotic and dietary intake while running a complete sweep. Both good and bad in the gut would be targeted and you will want to help keep the good ahead of the bad as to not throw the balance off.

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