I have erythromelalgia, a very rare nerve disorder. I've lost most of the feeling in the bottoms of my feet. The current level of pain has brought me to tears.

1. I'd always start with a parasite detox. I'm assuming the doctors did bloodwork? Is all your plumbing working ok? Organs?

2. According to an article I found, this disease may be caused by polycythemia - a blood disease. Other than that, I would have to try nerve disorders.

3. Nerve damage is many times caused by diabetes, or pre-diabetes. Are you diabetic?

4. Like others have said start with the detox programs. Also I've heard from others that dr rife found 10000, 5000, and 20 to be healing freqs so it might be best to start with those first then do the detox. I'd also recommend cutting out sugar and bread. Colloidal silver might be or benefit to you too.

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