The scan results says I have Flukes General and Sheep Liver Fluke. It says to use the Lyme and morgellons protocol to kill the parasites properly. I have selected the preset C46 Complex Parasite and added my latest biofeedback remotely.

With that said, the best method to address issues is with a methodical approach.

Applying the biofeedback scan on a schedule and conducting new scans is one such approach.

However, biofeedback is not a diagnostic tool. You can't use it to determine you have flukes and then skip to the flukes preset.

Whether the C46 preset will add to your results really depends on whether it resonates with your system or not. The biofeedback will resonate, and this is because of the nature of how you obtained the frequencies.

You are not doing anything wrong, just that you could be wasting time running the wrong preset for your situation.

If you really want to isolate and restore health using additional presets from the M&L protocol, it would be best to follow the protocol from start to finish.

The M&L protocol also has areas where there are sections of time carved out to add your biofeedback results.

The protocol takes into consideration a lot of variables when ordering the presets. Furthermore each preset has also taken into consideration the maximum amount of frequencies to try and run in a single program, along with how long to run them for.

Furthermore, since you skipped straight to C46, if it does do good work, but you have not addressed properly anything that C1 - C45 addresses first, could cause complications.

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