Any suggestions for stomach cancer that has mets to liver & lung.

1. The best bet to start with IV for vitamins like magnesium, zinc, Selenium, D, E, K1, K2, B complex and a lot of Vitamin C IV to build the immune system and Clean the body as much as possible first. All vital organs are under attack and somehow those have to be bypass and a lot of coffee enema for liver cleansing. Please look for Gerson therapy guideline and compromise as it needs it. another thing that Gerson hospitals use is Vitamin C and K3 treatment. 

2. 8 oz glass of water with Ascorbic Acid, fresh lemon juice and sodium bicarbonate to make sodium ascorbate is one of the things and another one is Apple cider vinegar and sodium bicarbonate they are all with a lot of water. Another thing that I can think of is sugar(Raw Honey) and sodium bicarbonate mix to give it to your father he does not need to eat solid food cut everything carbs and sugar from his diet you can get vitamins from a local store ( Vitamin D, E, Selenium B-Complex Magnesium and so on. But I know that if you cannot fix his detox elimination lines before or same time using spooky2 that would be not easy or it may be harmful to him.

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