Don’t want to start detox yet. To do a healing can I just go into lyme and choose one of the healing protocols there? Where would I go for vitamin c deficiency?

1. You could start with the first Phase of the M&L Protocol. It can be run instead of the Terrain Protocol. Look at the GUIDE in the M&L folder for details.

2. You could run the healing protocols if you wish. The choices are always in the end yours to make.

The Healing A B and C presets can be run independently and are not going to be reduced in efficacy too badly by not having done Terrain first.

Just keep in mind that they are entrainment presets and thus require time. Suggest you apply whichever one you choose for at least 3 days minimum before switching gears. One week even wouldn't hurt.

As for vitamin c deficiency, there is no preset for this. You will have to build starting with a shell preset, like Healing (R) - JW and then add those frequency programs that make sense to your goals. Don't stack more than 4 hours of stuff and you should be OK. Again, would suggest you run what you put together for 3 days minimum.

For more details, please check the link:

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