Is Spooky2 a substitute for antibiotics or to be used in conjunction with them?

I really don't know how to answer the substitute question within the FDA rules.

In the sense that both Spooky and antibiotics kill pathogens, they are equivalent. However, Spooky is very specific, so it is necessary to know what the pathogen is or use a sweep to be more general.

I think Spooky has many advantages over antibiotics, like I can start using it as soon as I feel some discomfort, rather than having to make an appointment 3 days to a week out.

I don't have to deal with the whole Dr. appt. and the pharmacy, etc...

I'm going to have to select the correct programs to deal with the bug, but the Dr. has to get the right Rx, as well, so I have the advantage here, as I can adjust program if it isn't doing any good for me after 2-3 days... I have to wait another 10 days - plus time for a new appt. to see the Dr. again.

With Spooky, I can hit it with as many different programs as I have generators with remotes - as well as colloidal silver.

The Dr. doesn't have an antibiotic that works against virus, but Spooky will help with those, as well as the housecleaning, etc., that goes along with it.

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