So I did some extensive rifing today. It was the killing of certain pathogens (babesia, brucella). Next bowel movement I had was watery. Is this something that happens when you rife, maybe more specifically when you kill of lots of pathogens?

1. It’s the body Detoxing.

2. All the changes to the guts have to be experienced to be believed. Things will keep changing as you kill one bug and others breed in to the space they leave. 312 Hz hits a common bug that causes the guts to get stiff or slow down. The normal state in my opinion is that regardless of what you eat you should be able to dump in one go within 30 seconds of sitting down and that is all that is required. Anything else means you have bugs and/or other problems.

3. Yep, agreed on the 30 second rule.

In the early days I ran the 'Chakra 2 Mirror' frequency set for 4 hours per day for 2 months as part of opening up all of the main Chakras. I'm a fairly healthy individual, and I can tell you, that the Detox was phenomenal - You know when you're getting close to the end of it all because all you can smell is pure watery Bile from the Liver.

I try to stay detoxed most weeks now and stay as clean as a whistle with the help of a few supplements also.

Staying detoxed increases the level of Consciousness also hence the above posters dreaming experiences - Essential in the Spiritual world of lifting the veils of Consciousness but I won't bore anyone with those details.

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