I have an unhappy spot on my C4/5/6 level that causes me to shrug shoulders to protect the injury. It's probably from rsi computer mouse and labwork / microscopes resulting in a forward rolled shoulder. Any suggestions for healing unhappy cervical nerves?

1. Have you tried running your frequencies using the plasma along the spine all the way to the end of the skull? I did this when i ran HPV (cold sore) and it permanently disappeared.

2.Also, I too went to chiropractors $$$$ and physical therapists $$$$$ for many years trying to get relief from neck and back cramping which pulled vertebrae out of wack.

When I learned I had lyme. 
Unfortunately none of those 10+ Chiropractors ever mentioned lyme as I believe they were clueless not negligent.

I USED to have a straight spine.

Pathogens dine on the nerves in general and spinal specifically ASYMETRICALLY, which causes cramping, thus pulled my spine out of alignment.

Neck pains is CLASSIC Lyme symptom. So doubtful, for you it is due to repetitive stress, could be but as you were Dx with lyme, THAT is what you should go after, FULL blast.

Try Klebsiella pne also as that is in the spine area too for some people.

Currently experiencing EXTREME shoulder pain from flair up form,guessing Bartonella dining on the joint.

Just WAS in my ankle now moved there. Frustration to the Max, SOOOO tired of fighting this crap without decent effect.

3. https://www.medicinenet.com/muscle_spasms/article.htm
Consider applying magnesium oil along the lower back area.

For more details, please check the link:

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