My idea is to have once a day a contact session for eyesight to improve with the Ten pads. The rest of the day I will keep the white remote running. Am I doing the right thing to improve my eyesight? How long will it take for me to notice any results?

As for contact, there are a few considerations:

1. Contact application to areas above the head is not recommended. So the closest you can get to the eyes safely with contact is the back of the shoulders.

2. Some of the frequencies in the eye sets are entrainment frequencies. Meaning that they serve as a guide tone to restore health. These types of frequencies work best when repeated and repeated often. This is something the remote is very good at.

Contact you would be limited to one or two applications a day. However, as you are keeping the remote going at the same time, should be less of a concern regarding the down time between contact applications. You can not gain much more efficacy by running more contact sessions in a shorter period of time.

3. The preset you have is not really setup for contact mode, and the waveform was built with remote in mind.

If I were to run this at all via contact, I would place the TENS pads on my shoulders, and load the Healing (C) - JW empty (shell) preset.

Then I would add the frequency programs you see in the current preset you are running. Then I would use this to run a session of contact and monitor if it added any additional efficacy.

From my experience and from observing others that have been on this setup...

The program needs to run 24/7. Any down time from the program and the eyes tend to revert, so it is not a good candidate to run only 12 hours of the day for instance.

There is notable changes observed after 24 to 48 hrs depending on eyesight and condition.

Some of the more problematic issues take upwards of a month to months to resolve if the program is able to address -- retinal detachment for example.

It is my belief that if you can remove the source of any issue that is only alleviated while the program is running (eye strain induced vision issues for example), that the program can help the body recover and keep the changes even if the program is stopped.

However, in most cases it appears to only actively negate these types of issues while it is running.

It is also my believe that given enough time, the body may recover enough to be able to hold on to any benefit on its own without the use of said program. Really depends on the condition and the source of said issue.

The preset can be modified to target more specific vision issues.
You can say remove retinal detachment and insert another specific frequency program. I would keep the Eyesight to Improve and Vision Acuity in any modified approach.

However, keep the remote loop as short as possible. It currently is at 2 hrs 21 minutes. Try not to exceed a 4 hour remote loop.

For more details, please check the link:

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