Two Bacteria involved in Prostatitis and other Ailments.

1. Looking to help myself with prostatitis, I fumbled on NCBI database and found two bacteria I addressed with the BP database with success.

They are:

and Chitinophaga
This one only in German on Wikipedia.

They are both referenced in the spooky BP database.

They are also involved in other ailments and everyone may have a try with those two bacteria.

2. You should also look (if required) to the Meridians and the Meridian clock Walt - I know of a few people who have resolved their Prostate problems like BPH etc by doing so.

The YIN/YANG Meridians relate to the Chi/Qi energy pathways via the Prostate etc are the Bladder and Kidney Meridians and they are like clockwork.... usually around 5pm to 9pm onwards.

There are Energy Mandalas that can manage this daily; but you may wish to try the free option of the "new" (untested) Meridian frequencies via Spooky2:

There are also Divine Healing Codes for these Meridians also.

For more details, please check the link:

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