What frequencies do I run with Cold Laser Twin and Wrist? Do I use the preset acne or others?

1. I typically use the program Liver (XTRA) which is the name of the frequency program that contains frequency 10 Hz.

Since I am under the impression that the laser output itself does most of the work, the frequencies we add to the output are a bonus layer.

10 Hz has shown to be very good at tissue regeneration, pain management, among other things.

Sometimes I will try 7.83 Hz (Schumann Resonance - Fundamental).

Otherwise, if you have a particular situation you are wishing to target, you can just load that frequency program and go. For instance, Sinus Bacteria (PROV).

30 minutes of application time seems to be the maximum efficacy point. However, if you have more than 30 minutes of frequencies to cover, additional time using the laser is not problematic. While the effects of the 650 nm light may not be much greater after 30 minutes, the additional embedded frequency information should carry an effect.

It only takes about 1 to 2 minutes for blood to circulate around the body, so at 3 minutes per frequency, it can spread around the body quite well.

Of note, there is a Shell (Empty) Preset for the cold laser that you can use when adding your own frequency sets -- Spooky Cold Laser - JW.

2. Cold Laser is not much different than LT as the light becomes noncoherent after passing a couple mm of skin tissue. I mainly use Nogier based frequencies combined into custom programs. It all depends on what you're trying to address. I try to run each frequency no longer than 15min but repeat the entire set as needed. I'm currently experimenting with sending frequencies in packets, rather than steady mode and this can be done by varying gate factor.

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