What is the maximum period of time of Spooky Black Remote MN being used for safely in healing mode?

The black Remote's electromagnetic field polarity is positive - the opposite of the white remote's negative polarity. The cell polarity of pathogenic organisms is also positive. But while application of a Mortal Oscillatory Rate will kill them, after 4-5 days the survivors can adapt (not mutate). When this happens, continued application of the positive field via a black Remote will actually assist growth and proliferation.

Most healing programs consist of the measured frequencies of healthy organs. When you apply these to the body, they will "entrain" unhealthy frequencies and bring them back in line. However, the polarity of the human body is negative, and the effects of continued application of a positive field are unknown, but are unlikely to be beneficial.

Personally, I don't use black Remotes for anything. They're designed for one purpose only - a slightly quicker kill rate than the white Remote. For me, this advantage is almost entirely offset by the application time limit problem when dealing with difficult conditions. This is why, when someone buys, say, a Spooky2 Essential Kit, it comes with two white Remotes and one black one - the Advanced Kit comes with four white and one black.

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