What situation would you not want to use boost?

Besides the situation where you have more generators and remotes than boosts... Some examples:

1. You need to send the same program to 100 people and can only fit 50 in a remote. So you use two remotes to the same generator.

2. You wish to send the same program to human targets and animals. You want to keep them isolated to their own remote. So you wire in two to the same generator.

3. You are limited in generators, but not remotes and skill.

You develop a frequency program that transmits program 1 on Out 1 and program 2 to Out 2, and each have their own targets.

Generally, using the boost is the way most will go. It not only doubles the voltage potential, but also combines both outputs if different into one remote.

4. You still have a boost 1.0 cable, which requires this cable still.

I'm sure there are other possible use cases for two remotes to one generator. However, if you didn't have the cable, then it would not be possible to move forward until you procured one.

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