Can we use one generator for cancer, lyme and morgellons treatment, etc?

I must be honest with your here, my friend, and tell you that I believe using a single generator in Remote Mode for Lyme Disease may take many years, and there's no timetable for it in the protocol Guide. When you kill pathogens, their bodies decay inside you and produce toxins which can damage or even overwhelm the liver and kidneys. This material must be removed as quickly as possible by running a detox program.

This means you must continually switch programs and presets in Spooky2 - which means you're not as free to go wherever you wish. However, you could alternatively create a Chained Preset which would switch through the list of presets in the chain, then load and run each one in sequence.

But would it be effective? I honestly doubt it because there are simply too many separate problems involved in Lyme which must all be addressed, and it's very difficult to do this with one machine. Things improve if you substitute Contact Mode for Remote Mode. But since you'd be wired to the machine, your freedom is gone.

The minimum rig we recommend for dealing with Lyme, cancer, and Morgellons is the two-generator Spooky2 Essential Kit. So I would recommend that you get yourself another generator, a Boost 3.0, a white Remote, and electrodes of whatever type you prefer for Contact Mode.

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