Please anyone can help me with some information about treating asthma patient? I have a 4 years old son who suffer with asthma. We are using different inhaler but I am not happy to use it for long time.

1. I recall reading a post in Spooky forum not to use frequency treatment on children under 7 years of age. Hopefully someone will locate this post.

As an alternative try using Bi-Carbonate of Soda or Baking Powder for Asthma.
Dr Jennifer Daniels in one of her podcasts talked about using Bicarbonate of Soda for stopping Asthma attacks.
Free podcasts:

Drinking Baking Soda for Health Benefits | How To Improve Your Health

2. A oreck air filter and first defence nasal screen filters did wonders for a friend of mine with asthma or make a decent inexpensive air filter yourself

3. Use a nebulizer

1). In the morning
Put colloidal silver water with 3 drops dmso in the nebulizer and let him vape 10 minutes.

2). In the evening
Put a mixture of water with 1 half (small) TEAspoon in a glass of water + 3-5 drops of dmso and put it in the nebulizer, vape for 10 minutes.

4. My asthma became active about 15 years ago, so I can tell you my thoughts on it. My worst reactive episodes are with burning plastic and food being smoked on the stove in the kitchen. Before I purchased the current stove fan for removing the smoke, my family had the practice of when they burn food, they yelled through the house so I could quickly run outside. Those are my two biggest reactions, and then over exerting in hot or cool air. I find that fall and spring has their own hazards due to spores in the air. folks with asthma just have to deal with it.

I find that a HEPA air filter in the bedroom helps tremendously running nonstop. also a humidifier for reactive days when I have constriction as it soothes the inflamed tissue and helps my body remove the buildup of mucus. Maybe inflammation whole body freqs would work. I use inhalers and nebulizers. But also read up and research breathing techniques as they help when you are feeling restricted. COPD is usually a co-diagnosis with the asthma as well. Remember your lungs are a sensitive instrument and will react to every particle in the air, and folks with asthma have the unfortunate luck or having super sensitive lung tissue.

5. Do some googling for vitamin D and asthma.

6. I remember using Actifed CC medication in the past to relieve asthma type symptoms. Guaifenesin is the active ingredient in Actified CC.

Guaifenesin is a glyceryl guaiacolate with expectorant effects. Guaifenesin increases respiratory tract mucus secretions, acts as an irritant to gastric vagal receptors and recruits efferent parasympathetic reflexes that cause glandular exocytosis. This agent reduces the viscosity of mucus secretion by reducing adhesiveness and surface tension as well as increasing hydration of mucus. Guaifenesin promotes the efficiency of the mucociliary mechanism important in removing accumulated secretions from the upper and lower airway.

Guaifenesin MW program is already in Spooky Database.

7. I suggest also to read about asthma in Hulda Clark's "The Cure for all diseases".

8. You can always start with a biofeedback scan, the new GenX is finding many new frequencies and helping many peps that have not had responses before to other modalities or frequencies.

For more details, please check the link:

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    All of these comments are dealing with the problem, not fixing it.

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    How do I scan specifically for asthma, or high blood pressure ? That would be huge.

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