Since updating from Dec 16 to Feb 4, I can't use disintegrate factor in MW database? It doesn't have the tick box anymore?

1. The Disintegrate Factor is no longer present... John White removed it due to research indicating that it wasn't functioning as intended. As such, to eliminate possibility of injury, etc., it was removed.

2. So here's my input to help resolve some questions.

The MW entry results in a frequency.

The disintegrative factor was just multiplying the frequency by the square root of 2 to derive another frequency.

The idea that deriving another frequency through the use of the square root of 2 can now destroy the substance has not panned out.

This does not mean that the resulting frequency does not have resonance and address some other aspect of a condition that resulted in benefit. However, it is not predictable.

This is where Joe speaks to possible harm.

If the resulting frequencies are not following a predicable pattern, then nothing prevents a derived frequency from then resonating with a system that will respond but not be in your best interest.

Take the Diabetes 2 set for example. It lowers blood sugar levels. All humans will resonate with this, not just those who have Diabetes. If you were to run this on someone who has normal blood sugar levels, you could potentially drop their blood sugar levels to a point that is too low.

When we target something with a set of frequencies, we want to try and hit only the areas that need attention. The use of frequencies that have a historical efficacy rate gives us more confidence we are doing just that.

MW entries multiplied by the square root of 2 does not fit this model.

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