How do I help with a dog with tumor except colloidal silver?

1. I have heard of people using Aloe Vera with success.
or you could use acrylic polymer.

2. For me, you need a delivery system to mitigate the tumor in the most direct manner - one can take a substance like colloidal silver, magnesium chloride, etc. and "drive it" to the tumor by incorporating DMSO (there is a lot of references for its use in this forum, and and rubbing it in topically over the affected area. IF nanosilver is combined, DMSO transcends the blood borne barrier and into the tumor itself. There are various strategies for dealing with canine tumors - depends on pathology. In my case, my 15 y/o Brittany had a fast acting tumor of the spleen (hemangiosarcoma) , so care had to be taken to reduce tumor size and progression, without rupture/bleeding out at the spleen - so I also incorporated Yunnan Baiyao (chinese supplement for bleeding/wounds), Oriveda PSP-50 mushroom extract in tandem with Spooky2 protocols. Killing protocols need to be followed up with lymph support, a lot of drinking water/cell hydration. High protein diet ONLY. I got the reduction I was hoping for (and his spleen never ruptured), and he exceeded life expectations with a pain free/active life for another hunting season before it was his time. Our Vet is a nice guy, but you get the same chemical or surgical solution to spend your $ as you would with a human physician practicing Western medicine. Bottom line, for me, I am convinced that Spooky2 works very nicely with our canine friends - although its a little tricky to get nail samples from these critters when they want to play...

3. You could do GX baseline biofeedback. We found it to be very accurate.

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