One of my friend has Oligodontia. It is kind of when the second teeth don’t grow so he has still milk teeth (baby teeth) and he is 30 years old. Now the jaw grows very bad. Could some bacteria, virus be the cause of this?

A quick search to find out what is known about Oligodontia reveals:

Oligodontia is a rare genetic disorder which represents the congenital absence of more than six teeth in primary, permanent or both dentitions. It is usually a part of a syndrome and seldom occurs as an isolated entity. Genes responsible for non syndromic oligodontia are found to be MSX1 and PAX9 genes.

When I searched, I was looking for anything that deals directly with Oligodontia, MSX1, or PAX9.

There may be other ways to address using what is in the system.

For more details, please check the link:

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