Is there any treatment for Hidradenitis suppurativa? Any advice what other skin sets can use with it?

1. I have not worked with this condition before, but doing a quick check into the system, there is the following listed:

If you were to couple this with other skin sets, and a detox protocol, may be worth investigating.
Also, may be able to cross reference other factors that may come into play and use this info to build a protocol to run.
Also of note, the most comprehensive pathogenic protocol Spooky2 has is for Morgellons and Lyme.

It may be worth running through the entire protocol to possibly hit factors that may be at the source, but not currently known to be associated with Hidradenitis.

There is also the biofeedback process that allows the body to indicate what it needs. Mind you what you wish to target and what the body wants to target may not align at first.

Just more ideas on how you may approach this.

Otherwise, hopefully someone who has more background with this may come along over the next few days and post some additional details.

One more idea that just hit me.

I could not get any response from the Eczema 2 (XTRA) set until I used a modulation approach.

May be worth trying it with the above set.

Load the Eczema (C) - JK preset and then replace the Eczema 2 frequency program with the above program for Hidradenitis.

Give it a shot and see if the modulated approach makes a difference.

2. As Staphylococcus on the skin is often involved with this condition, I would download all the general staphlococcus treatments from the database - scan them - and see what resonates, and gives you the 'top hits'. I can't find Staphylococcus lugdunensis (the main culprit) on the database, or on the online CAFL list; but the needed frequencies should be tucked away amongst the many stapho infections in database.

For more details, please check the link:


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